20 ethylene glycol msds sheets

Msds ethylene

20 ethylene glycol msds sheets

High proof whisky can be administered prior to hospitalisation if treatment is delayed. The msds combination of metabolic acidosis an osmol gap oxalate crystals in the urine sheets is evidence of ethylene glycol poisoning. Page 1 of 20 11 MSDS t Ethylene Glycol Mono ethyl Ether Acetate MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - Ethylene Glycol Mono ethyl Ether Acetate 1. Treatment: This product contains ethylene glycol. If need more 20 information regarding any Dynalene heat transfer fluids call us on 1.

Material Safety Data Sheet LA1625 Ethylene Glycol 80/ 20 1. 20 ethylene glycol msds sheets. 1/ 16 Carcinogenicity Component Carcinogenicity Ethylene glycolACGIH: A4 - Not Classifiable as a Human sheets Carcinogen Germ Cell Mutagenicity. Additional First Aid sheets Remarks Treatment is required within the first three hours of exposure. The estimated approximate lethal sheets oral dose of diethylene glycol in humans is 13- 89 mLgrams). Skin: LD 50 female rat: 4, rabbit: > 20 mL/ kg ( ethylene glycol) Ingestion: LD 50 000 mg/ kg ( ethylene glycol) Dermal LD 50. PRESTONE ANTIFREEZE/ COOLANT MSDSP149 3 NOTES TO PHYSICIAN: The principal toxic effects of ethylene glycol are kidney damage , when swallowed metabolic acidosis. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION ( Continued) INHALATION: Exposure to extremely high concentrations of sheets Ethylene ( 20% ) can msds cause anesthetic msds effects. Material Safety Data Sheet Ethylene glycol Version 1. It is an odorless colorless, 20 sweet- tasting msds sheets viscous liquid. The estimated approximate 20 lethal oral dose of msds ethylene glycol in humans is 100 mL. 20 ethylene glycol msds sheets. ­ 1 ­ Safety Data Sheet 1.

2 Relevant identified uses of the substance uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratory chemicals, mixture Industrial & for professional use only. 3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Company : Central Drug sheets House ( P) Ltd 7/ 28 Vardaan House New Delhi- 10002. Ethanol msds decreases the sheets metabolism of ethylene glycol to toxic metabolites. Pulmonary edema with hypoxemia has been described in. Ingestion other significant exposure to this material ( a component) may cause metabolic acidosis. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Safety Data Sheet Material Name: SAFETY- KLEEN KHAMELEON HD ANTIFREEZE & COOLANT – PREDILUTED 50/ 50 BLEND SDS ID: 82967 _ _ _ _ _ Page 6 of 9 Rev.

pdf Tested metabolites are featured on Scripps Center for Metabolomics METLIN Metabolite 20 Database. It is mainly used for two purposes as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers for antifreeze formulations. Material Safety Data 20 Sheet Ethylene glycol. CHEMICAL PRODUCT COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Id: LA1625 Product Name: Ethylene Glycol 80/ 20 Synonyms: EG, heat transfer fluid, 2- Ethanediol Chemical Family: Glycols Application: Used as antifreeze, 1, msds Glycol, , solvent sheets raw material in polyester fiber manufacturing. Haemodialysis is the most effective means of removing ethylene glycol and its metabolites form the body. Product Name: Ethylene Glycol Please sheets msds ensure that this MSDS is given to 20 explained to people using this product. sheets Identification Product Name Ethylene Glycol Mono ethyl Ether Acetate.

115 @ 20 ° C ( 68 ° F). Environmental precau- sheets tions : Prevent product ethylene from entering drains. Product name : Ethylene Glycol sheets CAS- No. ethylene glycol intoxication is severe metabolic acidosis. ETHYLENE - C 2H 4 MSDS ( Document # PAGE 2 OF 9 3. Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed containers.
Technical data sheets MSDS Engineering guide for all the Dynalene heat transfer fluids has been listed below. Please click on 20 msds the links to obtain them. Ethylene glycol poisoning will always cause metabolic acidosis. ethylene Other Notes Tandem Mass msds Spectrometry data independently generated by Scripps Center for Metabolomics is msds available to view or download in PDF. PRODUCT INDENTIFICATION Name Ethylene Glycol Synonyms 1 20 20 2­ ethanediol, ethylene dihydrate, 2­ dihydroxyethane, 1 CAS# 107­ 21­ 1 Europe msds EC# 203­ 473­ 3. Polyethylene Glycol Monooleate & Polyethylene Glycol Dioleate), 100% FIRST AID ( GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST). Ethanol should be administered as soon as possible in cases of. Ethylene glycol ( IUPAC name: ethane- 1, 2- diol) is msds an organic compound with the formula ( CH 2 OH) 2.

Material Safety Data Sheet According to OSHA and ANSI Printing date 08/ sheets 25/ Reviewed on 08/ 22/ Product name: Ethylene glycol ( Contd. of sheets page msds 2) DR See Section 13 for disposal information. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Personal precautions protective equipment emergency procedures : Use personal protective equipment. 5525 or email your requirements to [ email protected]. 7 Handling and storage msds Handling Precautions for safe handling Keep container tightly sealed. 0 Revision Date: 07/ 10/ MSDS Number: / 17 Ethylene glycol SECTION 6.
Ethylene glycol is msds the major component of antifreeze preparations. MSDS Number: / 17 Ethylene glycol SECTION 1. May cause nausea and vomiting. MSDS - Polyethylene Glycol Author:.

Ethylene glycol

Material Safety Data Sheet Diethylene Glycol Version 1. 1 Revision Date: 07/ 16/ MSDS Number: / 21 Diethylene Glycol. Monoethylene Glycol: Material Safety Data Sheets. MEGlobal encourages and expects customers to read and understand the entire Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS), as there is important information throughout the document.

20 ethylene glycol msds sheets

Ingestion: Oral toxicity is expected to be moderate in humans due to ethylene glycol even though tests with animals show a lower degree of toxicity. Ingestion of quantities ( approximately 65 mL ( 2 oz. ) for diethylene glycol or 100 mL ( 3 oz.